RipplePay / Ripple Project – Peer to Peer Finance in Django and homelessness

Yesterday, I was searching around for a Critique of Neale Donald Walsch after watching the DVD “Conversations with God” – I have already read all three books of his Conversations with God series and whilst it didn’t present to me any new and revealing ideas about life, god and living in general, it did act […]

Christianity rant: I just can’t hold it in anymore

I’m in two minds here about this one. I don’t really want to put down Christianity because I know some wonderful people who are christians and writing on the web now is a little like getting a tattoo – with Google and the way back machine, what you say kind of sticks around with you […]

Open Source Mind Mapping & Microfinance Software

I had seen, used and explored Freemind before but never REALLY put it to use. Recently, I began brainstorming for a project that I have had in my head for the last 12 months and I have found Freemind to be brilliant. As is the case with most software I seek out, it is cross-platform […]

Open Source everywhere I turn

Is it just me or is this the year of open source? That ever elusive “year of Linux” may not arrive but certainly, it seems the virus of open source is taking hold. It certainly is happening in the kind of Web2.0 projects we are seeing coming up, and many businesses are choosing open business […]

Beyond the Linux OS – Nexenta, ReactOS, Syllable & Haiku

I recently stumbled upon this very interesting interview with (ex) Linux kernel developer Con Kolivas. The article is definitely worth a read as Con expresses much of his frustrations with the performance of the Linux kernel for desktop users (much of it relating to scheduling) as well as some of his frustrations with the kernel […]

SONOFON Australia sales technique – Swear at the potential customer

Conversation went like this: Him: Can I speak with “Insert name here”Me: May I ask who’s callingHim: Stuart(?) from SonofonMe: Can I ask what it’s regarding?Him: Some people from our office came out a few months ago and showed him some of our products (complete lie) and I am just calling to let him know […]