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[21 May 2010 | One Comment | ]

Citrix has released Xenclient. A hypervisor designed to run on Laptops. There’s some excellent arguments for doing so in a corporate environment. I just read a nice, concise overview of Xenclient at Standalone Sysadmin

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[4 Dec 2009 | No Comment | ]

No it’s not open source but it is available for both Linux and Windows.
IncentivesPro make a product I recently used for a Virtual Desktop Thin Client Implementation. That is USB Redirection for Remote Desktop. It uses a proprietary client/server and so I used Windows XP embedded thin clients to redirect specialised USB Thermal Laser Printers to the Vista Virtual Machines. The website looks a bit underwhelming but the product is flawless and it’s priced much better than their competitors. If you have more time than I did, it’s likely you …

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[13 Feb 2008 | One Comment | ]

My list of different time tracking / logging applications:

Price / License
Unique Feature

Intermittent screenshots recorded
Windows Only

Open Source
All platforms
Java – Linux / Mac / Windows

Gnome Time Tracker
Open Source
Power shell can kick off any process
Linux (possibly Windows?)

Automatically monitors files used
Windows / Mac

Allnetic Time Tracker
Monitors activity and pauses if none
Windows Only

Free / Proprietary desktop client reports to their servers
Monitors URL’s visited in IE, FF, Opera
Windows / Mac / Linux

Open Source
Monitors Application …

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[13 Aug 2007 | No Comment | ]

I recently stumbled upon this very interesting interview with (ex) Linux kernel developer Con Kolivas. The article is definitely worth a read as Con expresses much of his frustrations with the performance of the Linux kernel for desktop users (much of it relating to scheduling) as well as some of his frustrations with the kernel development process.
I know myself that FROM A USER’S PERSPECTIVE, very high disk i/o can kill a HP DL-585 with 5 x 15K SAS drives, meanwhile the same task running on a lower end HP9000 …

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[8 Aug 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

Last time I did this, I found the instructions pretty easily on how to migrate SSL’s from IIS to Apache. This time I found it hard to locate the documentation, so for my own lack of memory and when google fails you, here it is:
First we need to export the certificate from IIS into a pfx file. To do that:Click Start->Run->type: mmc [enter]Click ->’Console’ -> ‘Add/Remove Snap-in’.Click -> ‘Add’ -> ‘certificates’ snap-in and click on ‘Add’.Select -> ‘Computer Account’ -> click ‘Next’.Select ‘Local Computer’ and then click ‘OK’.Click ‘Close’ and …

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[1 Aug 2007 | No Comment | ]

A good article from Lifehacker came through today about extending Launchy.
It details using the Curl library and some batch scripts – it’s given me a few ideas on how to extend launchy
Go and read it here
Technorati Tags: launchy, lifehacker, curl, batch scripts
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[31 Jul 2007 | No Comment | ]

The weekend saw me doing a Motherboard / CPU / HDD upgrade on one of our household’s PC’s – It’s a Windows 2003 server that had an IDE drive in it and the new Mobo was SATA. The day before, the system wouldn’t boot – some cool bad sector business had caused it. So, I didn’t have a working image to restore to the new hard drive and the system has been running for about 2 years anyway, so I figured it’s probably time for a fresh install.
But I forgot …

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[23 May 2007 | No Comment | ]

Ok, I realise that my title could create a flame-war but I want to pull some heads here to tell me otherwise, to show me some software that I have missed, or features I am not aware in the Linux programs.
I’m a cross-platform guy spending 50% of my time between different *nixes and Windows (albeit Vista).
That said, there’s some very cool Windows OSS that sometimes exceeds it’s Linux counterpart.
KeePass Password Safe is a very good example where it’s the parent of the Linux version KeePassX. Both are password database safes …

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[21 Jan 2007 | One Comment | ]

I became a fulltime Linux DESKTOP convert approx 8 months ago even though I have been administering, using, toying and playing with it for years. There were two programs holding me back from the changeover:
1. Dreamweaver
2. Fireworks
I finally made that changeover by keeping both programs available on my Wife’s windows PC that I can connect to via Remote Desktop. Not long after the changeover, I decided to give Wine another try. It was basically a matter of:
1. Install Wine via Synaptic (Wine 0.9.23)
2. Copy all my “Program Files\Macromedia\” files across …

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[4 Jan 2007 | One Comment | ]

I’ve longed for the day when I could do away with my “Programs Menu” altogether. I had been searching for something to do this kind of thing for a while when I came across Quicksilver for Macintosh. Those Macintosh people sicken me. How dare they have something so cool?
If you’re a software whore like me that has a Start Menu that fills an entire 19″ monitor or hate the nested menus that are so common in Linux Distributions, then you will fall in love with Launchy and Katapult.
What do they …