SONOFON Australia sales technique – Swear at the potential customer

Conversation went like this:

Him: Can I speak with “Insert name here”
Me: May I ask who’s calling
Him: Stuart(?) from Sonofon
Me: Can I ask what it’s regarding?
Him: Some people from our office came out a few months ago and showed him some of our products (complete lie) and I am just calling to let him know we have some great deals on at the moment.
(Staring at by now)
Me: Is it regarding phone or pabx products? Because if it is, we are not interested and we only have 4 phones anyway
Him: Is he busy at the moment? Because I can call him back
Me: He’s always busy, there’s no use calling back because we don’t want anything.
Him: But how would he know if he doesn’t know what we’re offering.
Me: Because he didn’t go looking for you. When he needs something, he goes and looks for it.
Him: Can you pass on a message to him?
Me: Yes
Him: But are you going to pass it on?
Me: No, I am going to pretend to take the message and then forget you ever called.
Him: You’re a fucking wanker mate..

At this point in time, I had wasted enough time with Sonofon sales techniques and hung up. So I sat there wondering if he was having a bad day or that my voice just pissed him off? At least the Indian call centre people don’t get upset when I tell them no and no again.

Too bad I was the guy he was asking for huh?

Maybe if we met under different circumstances, it wouldn’t have been this way – if he came to sell me some uber-cool open source pabx that we could do really cool stuff with..maybe.

Anyway, it’s exactly the reason I am not in sales.. I take rejection a bit personally also – maybe one day I will get over myself and become the world’s best BDM.. who knows. Until then, I would probably feel the way Stuart does and maybe I would be pushed to the edge also by some wanker who doesn’t do what I want him to do and actually give smart-ass replies also. Who knows what life holds for us.

Now, if we weren’t going to buy anything from Sonofon previously.. you know what? We might just change our mind now – Thanks Sonofon.

You’re welcome to share your own stories about super-slick sales people also.

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