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[24 Oct 2007 | No Comment | ]

I have read quite a bit about Lisp before and most of it, frankly went over my head as a non-programmer except bar a few articles of Paul Graham’s on Lisp. Paul is one of the brainchild(ren??) behind ViaWeb which is now Yahoo Shopping and the author of a number of books: ANSI Common Lisp, Hackers & Painters and On Lisp, which you can download here
Today, I happened to come across this link and the guy in the picture just happens to be John McCarthy, the man who designed …

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[16 Oct 2007 | No Comment | ]

Generic Serialization using JSON – here ’tis
Django + Ajax Presentation (pdf) – page 35 onwards – here ’tis
Thread on ExtJS forum specifically Django + JSON + ExtJS – here ’tis
Aah, also five part ipython series on showmedo.com
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[9 Oct 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

I’m in two minds here about this one. I don’t really want to put down Christianity because I know some wonderful people who are christians and writing on the web now is a little like getting a tattoo – with Google and the way back machine, what you say kind of sticks around with you for.?? At least getting a tattoo, you know it’s going to turn into a big blue blurry blob on your old wrinkled skin when you’re 90.
I spent much of my schoolhood attending a nice, good …

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[9 Oct 2007 | One Comment | ]

Visual WebGui looks very interesting from a perspective that it allows you to develop a winforms application as you normally would and deploy it as a webapp (also).
As per some previous posts, I like to be able to jump seamlessly between platforms. I don’t want to be tied down to anything if I can help it. This is why I wouldn’t buy an Ipod and like Mark Pilgrim, I don’t get the iphone phenomena. I want to use my application online, offline seamlessly. I want to have the same experience, …

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[8 Oct 2007 | No Comment | ]

A regex expression for stripping ?key=value data off (django) URL’s
Thanks to this regex site. Of course, it’s not well tested but it did what I needed it to.
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[5 Oct 2007 | No Comment | ]

I remember the first time I saw George W. Bush’s face on TV and he had the pathetic face that he was there to protect America or some rubbish. I didn’t hear a word he spoke but his face was enough to tell me the man was a liar.
I am not one to normally be involved in politics but I think this man has put the peace of the world at stake. U.S foreign and economic policies leave no country out of site. Good ól GWB has dragged Australia (and …

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[2 Oct 2007 | 4 Comments | ]

**Edit: I did blatanly miss something, which was pointed out to me on django irc#, which is that you can’t call binary data into a template. You create a view and then call the view from your template. I will leave the below for prosterity and in case it trips someone else up. It was my blonde moment.
Forgive me if I am blatantly missinged something (which is very likelyobviously), but since the unicode integration into django, I can’t seem to generate non-text images from a view, into a template ie: …

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[1 Oct 2007 | No Comment | ]

Some really bizarre results here that just blew my mind. Check out the “rate” column for both random writes and random reads and compare the Ext3 Ubuntu with Nexenta VM for both UFS and ZFS – UFS is a bit quicker the ZFS. I am not sure whether the virtualisation actually improves the random reads and writes but it’s a pretty massive difference. After my small play with Nexenta, it’s looking quite promising to become my primary desktop OS.
Here’s a tiobench of Ubuntu 7.04 running on a Seagate ST3320620AS 320GB …