The Zen of Django

Not much time to write but all I can say about Django is:

I came for the models, I stayed for the templates

While it’s not all been smooth sailing for me mostly due to my lack of python experience, the guys on IRC especially “Magus” have been tremendous. Is he paid to help people??? Someone should give him a fulltime position on the IRC channel.

The other part that tripped me up was newforms library as it’s still under development and isn’t fully documented as yet. This article at Big Nerd Ranch was a big help as was Colin Grady, once more. I often found myself overcomplicating issues that were much simpler than I was imagining.

Anyway – the more I use Django, the more I learn the true depths of it’s greatness even though I still feel as though I am skimming the surface. I have met Malcolm Treddinick face to face, a fellow Australian and mad hacker. His commits on the Django project have been somewhat impressive. I can’t wait to be able to add some value back into the community once I get over a few more stumbling blocks.

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