Facebook & Django with Pyfacebook – and a blurb on open source

Update May 2009: If you made it here trying to find how to write Django apps for Facebook, probably the best resource I have seen to get started is How to build a facebook app in Django

Interesting links of the day:

Python, Django and Facebook with pyfacebook.

Jerry Seinfield’s GTD method on Lifehacker

Came across www.opensourcefood.com and Open Source House

Recipes are a perfect example of how open source works and yet can still be profitable / financially sustaining.

Imagine, my Open Source House that utilises Open Source Automation that I can control with my Open Source Phone that I can design new covers for using my Open Source Fabricator which synchronises, monitors, tunes my open source car or maybe even tracks my daily travel on my open source bike.

I am currently writing a full article about this.. stay tuned.

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