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[29 May 2007 | No Comment | ]

I run a webhosting business based in Sydney, Australia specialising in supporting open source software and managed / custom solutions for our clients.
A bit off-topic here but for any web hosts reading this, there’s some great up and coming GPL control panels AND billing systems.
Billing Systemhttp://www.ultrize.com/minibill/ (Simple & small but looks good)http://www.solid-state.org/ (More complete and last I looked they had WHM integration in Subversion)
but I digress..
The point is we are migrating from an old custom-written php/mysql billing system written by the previous owner of the business to Modernbill. The …

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[23 May 2007 | No Comment | ]

Two days ago, I was doing my weekly browse of Freshmeat when I came across Pylucid,a CMS that seems to be getting refactored from it’s original Python foundations into Django.
Now, it’s versioning is still 0.8.0alpha1 and yes, it is alpha quality software with many things not working etc. but SOME things really struck me about it.

It’s the first Django released application I have seen that came as an ‘all-in-one’ bundle; meaning I downloaded it, untarred it, clicked the standalone_run.bat and the thing ran on Django’s built-in webserver.
To achieve this, it …

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[23 May 2007 | No Comment | ]

Ok, I realise that my title could create a flame-war but I want to pull some heads here to tell me otherwise, to show me some software that I have missed, or features I am not aware in the Linux programs.
I’m a cross-platform guy spending 50% of my time between different *nixes and Windows (albeit Vista).
That said, there’s some very cool Windows OSS that sometimes exceeds it’s Linux counterpart.
KeePass Password Safe is a very good example where it’s the parent of the Linux version KeePassX. Both are password database safes …

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[21 May 2007 | One Comment | ]

** – Update – The below is left for reference but it IS apparently now possible to do this using NoMachine V3.0 – see this post
Look, it’s just not possible in FreeNX to grab a local console session or ‘mirror’ an existing session using native NX protocol. Part of the problem is how is the architecture of spawning a new X session.
Anyway, the ‘answer’ to this problem by most people is to tunnely VNC through NX.. Look, go try it if it suits you but it’s, well if I wanted …

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[13 May 2007 | 3 Comments | ]

I have been seeing a surge in people searching for ‘launchy linux’ in my stats from one of my previous posts.
I love seeing new ideas that change the way we use something that was considered just a normal part of life. Launchy, Quicksilver and Katapult are great examples of this. I was reading the other day about keyboard shortcuts and one guy said he gets so frustrated to see someone click in the URL bar and then press or hold delete until the old URL was gone before typing the …

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[12 May 2007 | No Comment | ]

As I have said before, I am a wannabe web design, developer – I’m actually a wannabe everything but that’s another story.
Anyway, I have a few sites I have implemented using Sifr fonts by Mike Davidson. If you don’t know about Sifr fonts, essentially it gives you the ability to use antialiased fonts by using a mixture of flash and javascript to replace the initial text. It’s very cool and has all kind of fallbacks in case no javascript, no flash etc.
Anyway, one things sifr 2.0 doesn’t do is …

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[2 May 2007 | No Comment | ]

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer ;)
In my last entry, I had a dig at Microsoft’s Silverlight for not being cross-platform and referenced python as an example of a truly cross-platform language. I’ve been wanting to collect many of my thoughts and research on the topic and want to put it all together in a place I can reference.
First up: Why Python and / or it’s derivatives
It’s Cross-Platform – truly
I am a Systems Administrator, with an equal share of my day spent between different *nix varieties & Windows. When I …