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[27 Aug 2009 | No Comment | ]
Interesting OSS links: Skype for Asterix / Wavemaker / AccountLabPlus

Haven’t had much time to go into detail with these but I think it’s worthy to take note of them
Skype for Asterisk has been released at last.

A new Skype for Linux Beta 2.1.047 has been released which fixes CPU problems with new PulseAudio and works brilliantly and also adds SMS support.
Also, I came across a very Rapid Application framework for building Ajax web apps called Wavemaker. They have an open source version and an Enterprise Version. Watch one of the videos where he builds a searchable client database in …

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[13 Feb 2008 | One Comment | ]

My list of different time tracking / logging applications:

Price / License
Unique Feature

Intermittent screenshots recorded
Windows Only

Open Source
All platforms
Java – Linux / Mac / Windows

Gnome Time Tracker
Open Source
Power shell can kick off any process
Linux (possibly Windows?)

Automatically monitors files used
Windows / Mac

Allnetic Time Tracker
Monitors activity and pauses if none
Windows Only

Free / Proprietary desktop client reports to their servers
Monitors URL’s visited in IE, FF, Opera
Windows / Mac / Linux

Open Source
Monitors Application …

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[3 Jul 2007 | No Comment | ]

We have just taken over the accounting from someone who was using Quickbooks (US version) and we had no way of reading the files without going out and buying Quickbooks ourselves.
I had a trial version which lasted 30 days, but of course we didn’t perform reconciliations prior to the expiry finishing. Left with little choices, I realised Quickbooks has an online version which could import all our current Quickbooks data.
After using Quickbooks online for >12 hours I can say it’s a brilliant web application – it says it requires ActiveX, …