Interesting OSS links: Skype for Asterix / Wavemaker / AccountLabPlus

Haven’t had much time to go into detail with these but I think it’s worthy to take note of them Skype for Asterisk has been released at last. A new Skype for Linux Beta 2.1.047 has been released which fixes CPU problems with new PulseAudio and works brilliantly and also adds SMS support. Also, I […]

A Quick List of Personal and Small business time tracking apps

My list of different time tracking / logging applications: Application Price / License Unique Feature OS’s Timesnapper $39.95 Intermittent screenshots recorded Windows Only Rachota Open Source All platforms Java – Linux / Mac / Windows Gnome Time Tracker Open Source Power shell can kick off any process Linux (possibly Windows?) CaptureWorks $79.00 Automatically monitors files […]