A Quick List of Personal and Small business time tracking apps

My list of different time tracking / logging applications:

Application Price / License Unique Feature OS’s
Timesnapper $39.95 Intermittent screenshots recorded Windows Only
Rachota Open Source All platforms Java – Linux / Mac / Windows
Gnome Time Tracker Open Source Power shell can kick off any process Linux (possibly Windows?)
CaptureWorks $79.00 Automatically monitors files used Windows / Mac
Allnetic Time Tracker $29.95 Monitors activity and pauses if none Windows Only
RescueTime Free / Proprietary desktop client reports to their servers Monitors URL’s visited in IE, FF, Opera Windows / Mac / Linux
TTracker Open Source Monitors Application Usage Windows Only
BillQuick from $295.00 Integrate with MYOB Windows Only
Timeless Time and Expense from $49.95 Fat client or Ajax web interface Windows Only
Actitime Free (proprietary) Web-based (non-ajax) Java

Preferably looking for a desktop application (multi-platform) like Rescuetime that reports application usage to our own centralised server. Desktop client would have prompting and automated features like CaptureWorks and Allnetic to minimise discrepancies and increase workflow.

Any comments, please leave them below. Would love to hear of others.

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