Getting and Managing Free Fonts for Linux – aimed at Ubuntu

One area sadly lacking in most Linux installs is the availability of really nice fonts useful for design and great fonts are not cheap, circa $150 for a font set. Best all in one location for getting great free fonts, I think is If Ubuntu really wants to have a go at competing with […]

A Quick List of Personal and Small business time tracking apps

My list of different time tracking / logging applications: Application Price / License Unique Feature OS’s Timesnapper $39.95 Intermittent screenshots recorded Windows Only Rachota Open Source All platforms Java – Linux / Mac / Windows Gnome Time Tracker Open Source Power shell can kick off any process Linux (possibly Windows?) CaptureWorks $79.00 Automatically monitors files […]

UFS & ZFS in Virtual Machine vs Ext3 Physical File Benchmarks

Some really bizarre results here that just blew my mind. Check out the “rate” column for both random writes and random reads and compare the Ext3 Ubuntu with Nexenta VM for both UFS and ZFS – UFS is a bit quicker the ZFS. I am not sure whether the virtualisation actually improves the random reads […]