Professional Accounting Software on Linux

We have just taken over the accounting from someone who was using Quickbooks (US version) and we had no way of reading the files without going out and buying Quickbooks ourselves.

I had a trial version which lasted 30 days, but of course we didn’t perform reconciliations prior to the expiry finishing. Left with little choices, I realised Quickbooks has an online version which could import all our current Quickbooks data.

After using Quickbooks online for >12 hours I can say it’s a brilliant web application – it says it requires ActiveX, which of course requires Internet Explorer.. but ie4linux seems to allow the ActiveX component to install fine and everything I have tested has worked fine so far.

After such a good experience with Quickbooks Online edition, I am not considering moving our accounts to NetAccounts . Their web interface doesn’t look as user friendly as Quickbooks but their Free Accounts are pretty impressive.

If I had more time, I would be taking a serious look at implementing TinyERP but I just don’t have the time to spend nor do I feel confident enough in my accountancy skills that I can rest assure the system is doing what’s it’s supposed to do.

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