Raunchy Launchy & Katapult – Quicksilver for Windows & Linux

I’ve longed for the day when I could do away with my “Programs Menu” altogether. I had been searching for something to do this kind of thing for a while when I came across Quicksilver for Macintosh. Those Macintosh people sicken me. How dare they have something so cool? If you’re a software whore like […]

VMWare, SANs and Replicating on the cheap

Yesterday, I attended the Virtualization Forum here in Sydney and thanks to Raghu Raghuram, VMware’s vice president of datacenter and desktop platform, my eyes were opened about not only the current but additionally the future possibilities of Virtualization. One of my biggest areas of interest in this regard is High Availability and Data Recovery. These […]

Essential Firefox Add-ons for Internet Addicts

Here’s a quick list of my favourite “can’t live without” firefox extensions. ColorZilla  – In-page Colorpicker / Advanced EyedropperFireftp – A fully featured FTP Add-onTab Mix Plus – Better Tab control & Session SupportWeb Developer – A brilliant array of tools for Web developers, can’t live without it.Mouse Gestures – Can’t surf without mouse gesturesInfoRSS […]

Troubleshooting Slow Logins on Windows 2000 Terminal Services

Troubleshooting Slow Logins on Windows 2000 Terminal Services with roaming profiles / Outlook freezing when opening an attachment from Exchange Server (On Terminal Services and Fat Client). How are these 2 problems related? First let me describe the environment. Windows 2000 Active Directory 1x Raid 1 / Raid 5 with 2x Pentium 3 / 1gb […]