Open Source Collaboration – Part 2 – A day with Mindquarry

In my last post, I wrote about my search for an OSS (compatible) collaboration product and how I came across three contenders. Mindquarry O3Spaces PengYou I took a better look at the demos for PengYou and realised that it’s main functions are: Webdav server Very nice file manager for the webdav server Plugin for OpenOffice […]

Open Source Sharepoint Alternatives – Remote Collaboration

I originally titled this article “Open Source Collaboration – Stumbling upon Open Source Gems” but I know that I have been searching around using the current title’s keywords, so I thought it would be worthy to use it. I’ve been in discussion with David Lee from Open Source Green Vehicle about using MediaWiki as the […]

SQLyog Community running under Wine with Feisty Fawn theme

In one of my previous posts, I outlined using VMware as a platform for web development. I’ll just outline some of the advantages of that: Developing / adding content locally into Joomla / Zen-cart is much faster than remotely You always have a backup copy if your webhost dies Once you get more than 2-3 […]

Multiple User Workstations – with full 3D graphics capabilities

Mostly for my own reference – a collection of links for Software / Hardware setups for multiheaded (as opposed to headless) servers. ThinSoft Omni TS Groovix Linux Console Userful Kood Terminal Server Patch for Windows XP Technorati Tags: multiuser workstations, linux Powered by ScribeFire.

Jitterbit – Migrating dissimilar data, continuously even

I run a webhosting business based in Sydney, Australia specialising in supporting open source software and managed / custom solutions for our clients. A bit off-topic here but for any web hosts reading this, there’s some great up and coming GPL control panels AND billing systems. Billing System (Simple & small but looks good) (More […]

Making Django pervasive- Pylucid as an example

Two days ago, I was doing my weekly browse of Freshmeat when I came across Pylucid,a CMS that seems to be getting refactored from it’s original Python foundations into Django. Now, it’s versioning is still 0.8.0alpha1 and yes, it is alpha quality software with many things not working etc. but SOME things really struck me […]

Open Source Windows program kick ass on their KDE, Gnome equivalents

Ok, I realise that my title could create a flame-war but I want to pull some heads here to tell me otherwise, to show me some software that I have missed, or features I am not aware in the Linux programs. I’m a cross-platform guy spending 50% of my time between different *nixes and Windows […]

NoMachine FreeNX – accessing active session isn’t possible

** – Update – The below is left for reference but it IS apparently now possible to do this using NoMachine V3.0 – see this post Look, it’s just not possible in FreeNX to grab a local console session or ‘mirror’ an existing session using native NX protocol. Part of the problem is how is […]