Deskbar – The Katapult equivalent for Gnome

I have been seeing a surge in people searching for ‘launchy linux’ in my stats from one of my previous posts. I love seeing new ideas that change the way we use something that was considered just a normal part of life. Launchy, Quicksilver and Katapult are great examples of this. I was reading the […]

Using wine to support transparent backgrounds in Linux for flash

As I have said before, I am a wannabe web design, developer – I’m actually a wannabe everything but that’s another story. Anyway, I have a few sites I have implemented using Sifr fonts by Mike Davidson. If you don’t know about Sifr fonts, essentially it gives you the ability to use antialiased fonts by […]

Microsoft’s Silverlight “Cross-platform” – who are they kidding?

As part of our MSDN subscription, I am subscribed to MSDN Flashes.. newsletter blurbs about how Microsoft are doing great things. Today’s story is about “Silverlight” – the sound of which has a textmate, expose, finderish ring to it to me.. but anyway. At the Microsoft blurb, it seems Microsoft want to take on the […]

What sucks about Scribefire / Performancing Plugin

Well, I just spent over an hour writing a post about my switch from PCLinuxOS to Ubuntu Feisty that was wiped in an instant by clicking on history inside Scribefire (previously Performancing) and it instantly wiped what I had type. No backs, no undos.. just instant deletion of everything I typed. So word for the […]

Reputation-based Antispam – Is it flawed?

I hate spam, it’s the needless bane of my existence. Spam, spammers and Microsoft vulnerabilities are the scourge of the internet. I spend way more time trying to stop spam than I want to. It’s not like it’s exciting work or anything. Anyway, onto the story. A mail server that I administer recently started getting […]

Dribbling Traffic: A Nomachine / FreeNX rant

Anyone who knows me, knows I am very keen on Network / Server Based Computing. As a part of my daytime lila I run a small Windows Terminal Server ‘farm’ that supports 300 remote desktop sessions across 40 branches in a 2500km radius. It’s not completely without it’s faults but it’s pretty damn good. The […]

VMware as a (Joomla) web development server.

**This is a setup for my PERSONAL use and works well as such. I would suggest something different in a team environment. In my afterlife as a try-hard Joomla web developer who only ever dreams of having my sites getting a full validation at, I have tried a number of different setups to get […]

Color Themes for Wine on Linux

I became a fulltime Linux DESKTOP convert approx 8 months ago even though I have been administering, using, toying and playing with it for years. There were two programs holding me back from the changeover: 1. Dreamweaver 2. Fireworks I finally made that changeover by keeping both programs available on my Wife’s windows PC that […]