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[1 Sep 2007 | 3 Comments | ]

In my last post, I wrote about flpsed a PDF and Postscript editor. I was really surprised about how much traffic the post brought in from google, so I thought I would do a bit more digging around to see what I could find because flpsed doesn’t have the same amount of features as something like Foxit’s PDF Editor.
So I went on a bit of an install frenzy searching for Windows PDFEditor’s with free trials and installing them and running them with Wine. I didn’t have much success there and …

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[30 Aug 2007 | One Comment | ]

Ok, I have used most of the Gnome music players and they are mostly very good and quite stable but here, I find myself back on Amarok, given up on it’s Gnome counterparts?
Well, mostly it’s the tagging capabilities that Amarok offers. Yes, Listen and a few other have musicbrainz support but most of my music is so left of field that it’s not on Musicbrainz and this is where Amarok let’s you use “guess tag from filename” and you can also do this quickly and easily for groups of files. …

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[20 Aug 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

# Update – I discovered a better PDF Editor than flpsed and have written about it here
I spend so much time typing and so little time writing these days, that when I have to use a pen, any length of writing ends up becoming a bit painful, especially so because I am left-handed and we are reknown for holding our pens incorrectly (among other things)
So, I haven’t used Adobe Acrobat for viewing PDF’s for a long time.. since Version 6.0 when it took forever to load and asked you to …

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[13 Aug 2007 | No Comment | ]

I recently stumbled upon this very interesting interview with (ex) Linux kernel developer Con Kolivas. The article is definitely worth a read as Con expresses much of his frustrations with the performance of the Linux kernel for desktop users (much of it relating to scheduling) as well as some of his frustrations with the kernel development process.
I know myself that FROM A USER’S PERSPECTIVE, very high disk i/o can kill a HP DL-585 with 5 x 15K SAS drives, meanwhile the same task running on a lower end HP9000 …

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[8 Aug 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

Last time I did this, I found the instructions pretty easily on how to migrate SSL’s from IIS to Apache. This time I found it hard to locate the documentation, so for my own lack of memory and when google fails you, here it is:
First we need to export the certificate from IIS into a pfx file. To do that:Click Start->Run->type: mmc [enter]Click ->’Console’ -> ‘Add/Remove Snap-in’.Click -> ‘Add’ -> ‘certificates’ snap-in and click on ‘Add’.Select -> ‘Computer Account’ -> click ‘Next’.Select ‘Local Computer’ and then click ‘OK’.Click ‘Close’ and …

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[4 Aug 2007 | One Comment | ]

Ok – some real-life critical experience today.. one of our web servers notifies us (thanks to csf / lfd firewall ) that the server has had a high load for greater than 5 minutes. I get logged in and see the 5,10 & 15 minute load average exceeding 30 and this server normally runs at a load of <1
Here’s the MRTG Graph of the load:

A quick look at top showed me approx 15 httpd (apache) processes maxxing out the CPU. Now, it’s a shared server with hundreds of Virtual …

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[31 Jul 2007 | No Comment | ]

The weekend saw me doing a Motherboard / CPU / HDD upgrade on one of our household’s PC’s – It’s a Windows 2003 server that had an IDE drive in it and the new Mobo was SATA. The day before, the system wouldn’t boot – some cool bad sector business had caused it. So, I didn’t have a working image to restore to the new hard drive and the system has been running for about 2 years anyway, so I figured it’s probably time for a fresh install.
But I forgot …

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[25 Jul 2007 | No Comment | ]

Too many times I have heard people determine that a host is not up because they can’t ping it. Most of us (myself included) run for ping and traceroute whenever we have an issue with connectivity – but ping and traceroute rely on icmp being permitted on the routers or hosts that you are traversing to reach your final destination and many firewalls blocks these.
This is where we bring in some handy tools:
HTTping is ping for http-requests. It’s pretty much like using ping except the basic switch is:

httping -h hostname.com

On …

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[3 Jul 2007 | No Comment | ]

I remember watching the first screencasts of Ruby on Rails and seeing class structures appear as the author was typing and it was almost like “fill in the blanks” – then I found out it was Textmate, then I found it was a Mac only thing.. that left me out – anyways (Nacho libre spanish accent), who cares I am a systems admin right?
Yes, I still trudged around in my daily grind jealous of the textmate crowd and waiting for something similar… then e-texteditor appeared for Windows and Scribus appeared …

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[2 Jul 2007 | No Comment | ]

I keep forgetting how to do this – Note to self. Make a
How to change from a horizontal list to a vertical list of windows, and vice versa:
————————— horizontal list of windows to vertical list of windows —————————     W|W|W to     W     W       W
    :windo wincmd K
—————————- vertical list of windows to horizonal list of windows —————————-     W     W       W to     W|W|W
  :windo wincmd H

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