Google on Steroids or vi for search engines – Yubnub

Seems I am a bit slow to the party on Yubnub – I guess I kind of see it like a cross between the unix command line and the vi of search engines – it has modes, commands and even split screens: For example: ls australia gives you all the yubnub commands that include Australia. […]

Django, VIM and SnippetsEmu on TTYShare

I remember watching the first screencasts of Ruby on Rails and seeing class structures appear as the author was typing and it was almost like “fill in the blanks” – then I found out it was Textmate, then I found it was a Mac only thing.. that left me out – anyways (Nacho libre spanish […]

Vim – Toggle between vertical and horizontal window layout

I keep forgetting how to do this – Note to self. Make a How to change from a horizontal list to a vertical list of windows, and vice versa: ————————— horizontal list of windows to vertical list of windows —————————     W|W|W to     W     W       W     :windo wincmd K —————————- vertical […]