Django screencasts on Showmedo

Have been busy working on a project in Django, so haven’t able to write as much as I like but:

Siddhi has some nice Django screencasts over at

I was also reading the Trac / Babel website which ended up hooking me up to a great article from a guy who was thinking about succesful open source projects and came to the conclusion to how powerful api’s are in both open source and proprietary applications. The article pointed out how much having a good, documented api lowers the entry barrier for contributors, allowing a project to gain a community and momentum faster. I see this as part of the success of the Joomla project. People were able to go away and create modules, components and bots without having to submit or beg for features on the main project’s repo. I wish I could find the article now though!

Anyway, that led me to another worthy mention: Django Restful Interfaces project.

Beyond the django / python world, if you are into learning languages, I stumbled across Mango Languages today, which I am going to add to my use of Granule Flashcards for Spanish.

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