Links for the day – Javascript for Rich Internet Applications

Some Interesting Javascript – I am no JS guru, so comments are welcome

ExtJS – an interesting javascript library with some half-decent documentation and community, as well as paid support and alternative licensing

Shortcut.js – Keyboard enable your web application – this is something that’s seriously needed. I have seen bank tellers migrate from Terminal based systems to browser based systems where they were literally forced to work at a quarter of the speed of their terminal apps because the browser forces them into hunt and peck mode. Especially for old grannies who’s eyes were starting to fail them it can become painful to watch.

Oh – totally off topic but how to kill 5000 print jobs from your LPD queue in HP-UX?

cancel -e <printer_name>

I’ll have to look for the Linux alternative because the cancel command is deprecated in Linux for standard lp commands.

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