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Seems I am a bit slow to the party on Yubnub – I guess I kind of see it like a cross between the unix command line and the vi of search engines – it has modes, commands and even split screens:

For example: ls australia gives you all the yubnub commands that include Australia.

Here’s some of my favourites:

gaus <searchterm> – Australia localised search – pages from Australiagau
ebayau <product> – Ebay Australia search
auspc <town> – Australian Postcode search
shopbot <product> – Shopbot search (Australia’s equivalent of
seek <job keywords> – Search Australia’s #1 Jobsite
seekit <job keywords> – As above but specifically for IT
ypau <business name> – Search Australian Yellowpages
wpau <name> – Search Australian Whitepages
tvoz <program name> – Australian TV guide

Some other commands I use often:

whois <domain or ip address> – Whois lookup for a domain or IP
slg <searchterm> – Search Windows Live and Google in a split screen
pycook <searchterm> – Searches python cookbook
kodpy <searchterm> – Searches python snippets on
py <module name> – Searches python module documentation
tiny <url> – Creates a tiny url
gim <search term> – Search google images
gvid <search term> – Google video search
gl <search term> – Google linux search
en2sp <word> – English to Spanish translator
spanish <word> – Spanish to English translator
wiki <search term> – Wikipedia (english) search
gmt <location> – Local time in Location

Of course it also covers many that google has already:

calc, define etc.

Anyway, I am loving it.

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