Vim != usability plus a bit of Unix humour

I came across this link today..the title of it says –15 Years of Vi + 5 years of Vim and still learning

maybe it’s my sick sense of humour but I like it plus it’s a great vim resource I need to keep track of.

The question is, is it a usability issue or is it just that it’s so powerful and so many features that it’s an endless learning curve?

On the topic, there’s a very funny book from 1997 called “The Unix haters handbook” I came across while visiting a local TAFE library with a friend who needed some books. The link takes you to Wikipedia where you can download a copy in PDF format. Some of the issues have been addressed these days but some still exist.

It covers some of *nixes great, scary anomalies – I am sure we all have our favourites.

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