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I remember the first time I saw George W. Bush’s face on TV and he had the pathetic face that he was there to protect America or some rubbish. I didn’t hear a word he spoke but his face was enough to tell me the man was a liar.

I am not one to normally be involved in politics but I think this man has put the peace of the world at stake. U.S foreign and economic policies leave no country out of site. Good ól GWB has dragged Australia (and others) into a war that is illegal at best and at worst.. well who knows what’s to come yet.

Why do our leaders follow Señor GWB into his crazy schemes? Without fully scoping out Johnny Howard’s brain cells on this one, maybe he is like the little child who is afraid to lose the love of his daddy. You know what they call John Howard here? Bonzai (ie: Little Bush). Whilst I am not going to articulate some words of honour for our Australian prime minister – we get the choice of two here – that is.. slightly left and far right and neither candidate or party show any real outstanding credentials, humour, wit or intelligence. We once had a party popup called “One Nation” that’s big claim to fame was a kind of “xenophobian” attitude to migrants but like I said, I don’t really follow Australian politics, frankly because the way I see it here is that nothing much really changes. This is very much unlike the situations of the Ukraine, East Timor, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia etc.. where a change in government can bring a massive change in the day to day situation of the people.

The point is, that Señor George W. has demonstrated, distributed the mass hysteria of destruction, a completely twisted take on “christian values” or maybe he’s just following tradition of these examples of the warped interpretations of men doing things in the name of religion. Hitler also made claim to many a Christian value.

So all complaining aside, I think there is hope for the American people today. I truly wish we had a politician in this country who has the humane, thoughtful intelligence of this man.

Here’s a great interview with the guy

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