Nomachine – FreeNX fullscreen switching

Something that was not obvious to me when using NX client was the ability to get out of fullscreen. I initially thought that they just hadn’t implemented it as yet.. but we are now on version 3 and I thought that the mere oversight should have been fixed by now. Well, I don’t know if […]

Nomachine NX – Desktop Sharing & Shadowing now available.

Wow.. a great week it has been in the enterprise Linux world. Last week, we had: Mindquarry 1.1 released TinyERP released a web client and a new version OpenBravo 2.30 released and while it’s not truly open source, NoMachine released V3 of their NX server and finally, they have introduced desktop sharing and session shadowing […]

NoMachine FreeNX – accessing active session isn’t possible

** – Update – The below is left for reference but it IS apparently now possible to do this using NoMachine V3.0 – see this post Look, it’s just not possible in FreeNX to grab a local console session or ‘mirror’ an existing session using native NX protocol. Part of the problem is how is […]