How to type a degree symbol in Linux

Today, I came across a document where I had to type a degree symbol in Linux. Thanks to this post at Arch Linux Forums, it was painless to find out how. So here it is:

In windows, apparently you hold down Alt+0176.

Linux is different and to achieve the same, hold down Ctrl+Shift and type u+00b0, though if you are writing for html, the correct symbol is


Alternatively you can copy and paste it from this table on wikipedia, which includes other useful symbols like Pound, Registered and Copyright.

It will actually type the u00b0 until you complete and then it will form the degree symbol like so: °

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  1. Try AltGr + Shift + 0

    Works on Xubuntu 11.10, so is likely all the debs.

    ° <- there

    Also © is AltGR + Shift + C

    Hope this helps :-)

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