VMware Server Serial Catch 22

I got a bit tired of recompiling vmware each time Ubuntu upgraded the kernel, so I decided to move to Ubuntu’s Vmware packe.. so I uninstalled my copy and installed from the repos..

The only problem is it asked me for the serial number which were stored in my email and I use imap, and the mail server is in the vmware machine but I needed the serial numbers to start the virtual machine… Catch 22.

So, I had to register for some new serials – now I will receive the vmware newsletters 4 times – once for my signup, once for downloading windows serials, once for downloading linux serials + we run ESX server, so I get one for that also..

Oh, the fun.. why can’t VMWare store my Vmware server serials in my accounts page?

and it didn’t end here, I was hit with this Ubuntu vmware bug, which is resolved by running:

sudo ethtool -K eth0 sg off rx off tx off tso off

What a royal pain..

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