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Tilda – The Yakuake terminal equivalent for Gnome

11 June 2007 7 Comments

I finally discovered there was an answer to my long, lost friend Yakuake that I gave up when I moved from KDE to Gnome. Katapult, of course was easily replaced by Deskbar but I couldn’t find a Yakuake replacement until now.

The answer, as in the title of the post, is “Tilda”

Why are Yakuake and Tilda so great? Well, I keep a terminal window open 24/7 and it’s just another space taker on my taskbar. With  Yakuake and Tilda, the terminal window opens hidden upon startup and when you need it, press the shortcut key ( I bind mine to F12 as it was with Yakuake but the default for Tilda is F1) and your terminal emulator slides down out of the top of the screen ready for use. F12 again and it slides back up, as if it totally disappeared.

I had been missing this when I moved from KDE -> Gnome but no longer –

The one thing where I think Yakuake was better is the way you open, closed and moved between tabs in the terminals, that is

Shift+Up arrow = new tab  vs Ctrl+shift+T in Tilda
Shift+Down arrow = close tab vs Right-click -> Close tab
Shift+Left arrow = Scroll to the next tab to the left vs no equivalent in Tilda
Shift+Right arrow = Scroll to the next tab to the right vs no equivalent in Tilda

So, if the tab scroll and close tab options would be added to tilda, I would be in slide-in terminal heaven.

God us geeks are easily pleased :)

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  • salubrium (author) said:

    Update: For Tilda, the equivalent shortcuts to Yakuake are:

    Ctrl+Shift+W – Close Window
    Ctrl+Shift+Page Up – Go to the next tab to the right
    Ctrl+Shift+Page Down – Go to the next tab to the left.

  • Yakuake for Gnome - opensourcetutor.com said:

    [...] have previously written about Tilda, a gnome replacement for Yakuake. I had some issues with Tilda so I came to have a nice [...]

  • Bob Ross said:

    I think guake is the the “gnome” equivialent to yakuake for kde.
    tilda is the somewhat generic alternative for everyone.

  • jackson said:

    thanks.. I knew yakuake and tilda..but only from your blogs posts i got to know guake….

    Rob Ross is right! Guake is the better equivalent in my opinion.
    Try it out…

  • salubrium (author) said:

    I haven’t tried Guake in approx. 2 years but back then it couldn’t do certain things that Yakuake can do easily. Yakuake can expand / shrink the terminal by 10% increments using alt+shift+ left / right / up / down. Full screen Ctrl + shift + F11. Move a terminal left/right = Ctrl + Shift + left/right. Split a terminal horizontally / vertically. Apart from being a Gnome app, what makes Guake better than Yakuake from your perspective?

  • salubrium (author) said:

    I lied, it’s only been a year since I used Guake. Here’s my post on the subject. http://www.opensourcetutor.com/2009/08/03/yakuake-for-gnome/

  • mary said:

    is it necessary to run the GNOME equivalent?

    just switched from compiz standalone to gnome3, have yakuake installed, and it appears to be working dandy-fine …

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