SQLyog Community running under Wine with Feisty Fawn theme

In one of my previous posts, I outlined using VMware as a platform for web development. I’ll just outline some of the advantages of that:

  1. Developing / adding content locally into Joomla / Zen-cart is much faster than remotely
  2. You always have a backup copy if your webhost dies
  3. Once you get more than 2-3 sites, you need a dedicated dev. machine
  4. Vmware doesn’t use any electricity or it’s negligible
  5. You don’t need to reinstall your whole LAMP setup (30 databases, 25 virtual hosts etc) if you reinstall your OS

Anyway if you work this way, you will soon realise that you really really really need to be able to transfer data between remote databases. There’s two great (non-OSS) tools for this job that have been around for quite a few years.

  1. Navicat which happens to my tool of choice on Windows because it has a simpler interface than
  2. Mysqlyog which is the first tool I ever came across with the transfer feature.

Anyway, Navicat make a Linux version but look, it’s plain ugly and lacks many of the features of it’s windows counterpart + it costs money. Navicat windows version will run under wine BUT be careful. If you go and click on a table, it somehow renames it with a bunch of question marks.. leaving your database not so healthy until you fix it (as long as you knew the name of the table, that is)

I got fed up with using remote desktop to connect to Navicat on my Windows Server. So,  tonight I checked out SQLYog again and saw they had some screenshots of it running under wine.

Anyway, you don’t have to tell me twice to try it out – Then I saw they have a free community edition – even better. So, I downloaded the community edition and ran the installer, like so:

wine SQLyog529.exe

Pretty complex huh.. Anyway, it completed but when I tried to run it, it then complained about missing gdiplus.dll

I hit the Ubuntu forums and came up with a link to download gdiplus.dll.

Which, for some reason downloads as an exe. I renamed it to a dll and moved it into my .wine/c_drive/windows/system32 directory, re-ran SQLYog again and it worked beautifully.

I have only added a few connections, read a few tables, transferred a remote to local database, so I haven’t really tested what’s working or what isn’t but it inspired me enough to theme my wine install with a Feisty Fawn look, so this is what I ended up with:

  [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Control Pane\l\Colors]
  "ActiveBorder"="161 82 0"
  "ActiveTitle"="150 77 11"
  "AppWorkSpace"="250 249 247"
  "ButtonDkShadow"="91 91 91"
  "ButtonAlternativeFace"="209 140 70"
  "ButtonFace"="239 235 231"
  "ButtonHilight"="239 235 231"
  "ButtonLight"="213 205 196"
  "ButtonShadow"="192 191 198"
  "ButtonText"="0 0 0"
  "GradientActiveTitle"="239 239 239"
  "GradientInactiveTitle"="239 239 239"
  "GrayText"="198 198 191"
  "Hilight"="249 207 143"
  "HilightText"="0 0 0"
  "InactiveBorder"="239 239 239"
  "InactiveTitle"="239 239 239"
  "InactiveTitleText"="255 255 255"
  "InfoText"="0 0 0"
  "InfoWindow"="200 0 0"
  "Menu"="239 235 231"
  "MenuBar"="0 0 0"
  "MenuHilight"="0 0 0"
  "MenuText"="0 0 0"
  "Scrollbar"="239 239 239"
  "TitleText"="255 255 255"
  "Window"="255 255 255"
  "WindowFrame"="0 0 0"
  "WindowText"="0 0 0"

Which, is a 20 minute effort to get SQLYog, Fireworks / Dreamweaver looking rather Feisty under Wine.

Anyway, it looks like it’s another solution to break the chains of Windows. Hopefully, some good bluetooth and mobile phone synchronisation tools shouldn’t be so far behind.

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  1. SQLyog rocks under Ubuntu!

    Although SQLyog looks a bit complex initially, it makes me zillion times more productive compared to any other MySQL GUI (including Navicat)

  2. Hi Steve.. I’m yet to try it out completely but it looks like it runs perfectly so far. Wine used to be able to use X11 fonts and fallback to Windows Core fonts if it didn’t work. Some screenshots

    like this one showing Flash with antialiased fonts but I can’t get them working on Feisty. Do you have anything that works?

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